I feel fat and happy.

Caitlin, MikeYaz and I woke up early to drive to South Philly Federal Donuts this morning.  GOOD GOD WAS IT WORTH IT.  Caitlin and I tried to go yesterday around 1pm but they were sold out and she got real snarky with the nice bearded baker who delivered the bad news.  He recognized us today and gave us free samples of fresh & warm sugared donuts while we waited on line.  The flavors I tried were pomegranite nutella tahina, blood orange, key lime, and vanilla-lavender. 

P.S. Starting at 11:45am they start serving gourmet fried chicken in addition to the donuts. 

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    Places like that (and people like you guys) are reason number 23749237 that Philly is a very underrated city.
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